How to Save Power When Running Electronic Appliances

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The price of electricity has risen steadily over the last decades. Therefore, for cost reasons it is always good to think about conserving power. However, conserving power also serves in protecting the environment. Let me talk about how you can save money by conserving power when running electronic appliances.

As you may notice, most products have a standby mode. It standby mode means the device is ready except commands through a remote control but is not doing anything otherwise. You can typically tell whether a device is in standby by looking at the light typically is on. However, many people don’t realize that devices also use power when in standby. In fact, all the TV sets in the United States together running in standby need an amount of power for which a dedicated power plant is required. Therefore, the best way to minimize power consumption is to completely switch off a product when not in use.

However, many electronic products don’t have a dedicated power switch. Other than the remote control, that doesn’t seem to be any way to turn off the product. However, you can easily add the switch by using a power strip. Most power strips will have a switch that allows power to be switched off. If you don’t like kneeling on the floor to reach the switch you could also purchase a line switch. Line switch is included in the power cord and is usually much easier accessible because it is located next to the product.

Also, when you go on vacation it is crucial to turn off all devices. I generally recommend having a master power switch that will turn of power throughout your home. An alternative to the master switch is turning off the power fuse. Most households will have a fuse that is in charge of disconnecting power to your whole household. If you don’t have a single master fuse you can also trip every single fuse.

Also, make sure don’t leave a refrigerator door open for example. At the same time, if you are running an air conditioner, don’t leave your windows open.