Download Snaptube Premium Link – The Best Free App for Your Android Phone

Snaptube Premium Apk is an online store that offers a huge variety of software applications for the android devices. The store offers a huge range of software solutions, which include applications, games, and e-books. These products are sold through online stores and you can buy them from any part of the world.

What You Needed To Know

Snaptube offers its premium products for download for a fee. If you want to download any of the products, you will have to pay for it. The store has free downloads which you can avail if you want to download free items. You can try the products and then decide whether or not you want to purchase them.

The products are categorized in several ways. If you want to purchase the products, you need to choose which category you want to purchase your product from. You will get an icon or a picture showing the product category that you can click on to access the product’s page. If you want to download any of the products, all you have to do is follow the links provided by the store and you will have access to the products that you have chosen. You can download as many products as you want. You might also want to Download SnapTube for PC and Download SHAREit for PC.

What More?

There are also different categories available for download. If you are interested in games, you will be able to select from sports, action, adventure, arcade and many more categories. If you are interested in e-books, you will be able to download books, magazines, e-books, music, movies, tv shows and lots more categories. You can also choose to buy any of the products if you want to and you can download them from any part of the world as well.

The products are very easy to use. There are many step-by-step tutorials that show you how to install the applications and how to use them. Once you have installed the application, you can start enjoying your new found application. Snaptube offers a huge range of premium products, which are very easy to use and make your phone as smart as it should be.


Asus Router Login Forgotten Password? Resume Network Access

Asus routers have one of the best customer support systems, and this is particularly true if your Asus router has a login forgot password feature. Unfortunately, many Asus routers have this feature but some do not. As a result, if you were to enter your username and password and find that you were not able to login, there’s a good chance that the Asus router is not having it configured correctly. In this article we will discuss how to reset your Asus router login forgot password setting or setup asus router.


To reset your Asus router login forgot password you should first remove all the software and settings from your Asus router. After this step, reboot your router and then try to access your wireless network. If you cannot get on the wireless network, the Asus router may be experiencing difficulty with the login system. This problem can be resolved by simply uninstalling the Asus router and reinstalling the software and settings from your router.

Once you have reinstalled the Asus router, try to reconnect to the wireless network. If you are still unable to login to the network, it may be because your Asus router still has no network settings configured. To restore the Asus router back to its former configuration, first ensure that the Asus router is powered off and not in use. Next, remove all of the software and settings from your Asus router. You might also like windstream router login and sagemcom router login.

Once you have removed the software and settings, you can now restart your router and try to access your wireless network again. If you are still having problems, try removing the external wireless card from your Asus router. You should now be able to connect to your wireless network. If so, your Asus router may have one more configuration error.

The second possible reason why you may be unable to login to your Asus router is because your Asus router’s firewall is disabled. To enable your Asus router to log into your wireless network, you should first enable the Asus router’s firewall. To do this, you need to open up the Asus router’s control panel and select “Settings”. Once you’ve finished configuring your Asus router you will need to click “Firewall”.

Finally, after enabling the Asus router’s firewall, you can now connect to your wireless network. If all this is done properly, your Asus router should have access to your wireless network and you should be able to login to your wireless network. in just a few seconds.


A Complete Guide on How to Setup Wireless Router

Setting up a wireless router is not a hard task. And while router makers must be commended for making it much simpler to install their products, these suggestions will make the process simpler. I will also show you how to make sure your home network is as safe as it could be, and I’ll clarify some details that are networking that user guides frequently gloss over.

how to setup a wireless router

The majority of router manufacturers offer smartphone and tablet apps that you can use for tweaking and installation. In reality, some businesses bother using user interfaces in any way. I think that it’s ideal to have both options so that you can decide which strategy is better.

How to Setup a Wireless Router

Step 1: Set your wireless router
As any router manufacturer will tell you the finest place to locate your wireless router is in an open place in the center of your house. Because it is going to offer the most coverage, it’s great information. It’s also impossible for many people to do because you want to connect your router into the broadband gateway your Internet service provider has supplied you with. That equipment is always installed in a perimeter wall.

But there is also an easier choice: that the router that is mesh-style. Within this method, you locate one node wherever your gateway is and put succeeding nodes in various rooms of your residence. Your info will hop from one node to another, and you will have a solid signal that is Wi-Fi everywhere.

But, caution: Do not put a wireless node at a Wi-Fi lifeless spot–it will not have the ability to connect to your network any better than any customer device. Instead, set the node where its wireless signal can attain that dead spot.

Step 2: Configure your wireless router gateway
ISPs provide their customers with modems. If your gateway has an integrated router, then you’ll have to configure the gateway to either disable the router and then also pass on the WAN IP address (the unique Internet Protocol address that the ISP assigns for your account) and network traffic through to a new router.

Step 3: Connect your gateway into your new router
Turn your gateway off (unplug the power supply if there is no Freestyle change ). When an ethernet cable is plugged to the gateway’s LAN port, then disconnect it and then plug it in your router’s WAN interface (once more, some routers have dedicated WAN and LAN ports; others have auto-sensing interfaces ).

When there’s absolutely absolutely no ethernet cable an ethernet cable should come with your router. Use it in order to connect your router and the gateway. Turn back your gateway on and wait for a moment or two for it to boot up. Plugin the power source of your router and turn it. Wait another minute or two to get it to boot.

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Step 4: Change your router’s admin password
For configuring their own routers router makers provide smartphone programs. Use it if your new router has one (sometimes, that may be the sole way you’re able to configure the router). Connect your PC to the router with an ethernet cable, When there’s no app, or in the event, you’d prefer using the browser-based user interface of the router. Type the router’s IP address in your internet browser address window and hit the Enter key. The router IP address may be published on the router itself; it’ll look just like or something similar.

You will require the router admin login and password to log in it. This information might be published on the router itself, but you may also find it in the manual. Input the credentials and hit Enter. You need to immediately change the default admin. Create something unique and write it down or enter it in a password manager software like LastPass. You may need it later to make updates and modifications. You’ll need to do a hardware reset In the event you forget the admin password, and any customizations you’ve made could be undone by that.

Step 5: Update the router firmware
Router manufacturers release new firmware after they have shipped the router. The firmware might contain critical bug fixes in addition to security and performance improvements, so make sure you’ve got the most recent version.

Step 6: Establish a password to your network
Some routers come from the factory with a pre-assigned Wi-Fi password (they may even put it on a tag on the router itself). Others will at least prompt you to create one when you set up the router. Make sure you configure the router to use at least WPA2 (second generation Wi-Fi Protected Access) encryption.

The considerably older WEP (Wired Equivalent Password) is absolutely insecure and should not be used. No recent classic router may use it by default but still hold it in the event you’ve got legacy devices that may only utilize WEP. You should retire them as they’re leaving your entire network vulnerable to the casual person if you are still using wireless devices that fall in this category.

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Step 7: Enjoy your own Wi-Fi system!
Then you should be able to log onto your new network working with the Wi-Fi password you made if everything went according to plan. Take full advantage of it, if your router has a guest network These generally allow your guests to access the internet while walling off them from the remainder of your network and your computers and storage devices connected to it.

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Hope this guide would help you setup your routers be it in your home or office. That steps are easy anyways and you do not have to call a technician to do it for you. In case you need an assistance, do not hesitate to send us a ping and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks for reading this post.

How to Download Psiphon on Multiple Devices (Windows/Mac/Android/iOS)

Many people are looking for a VPN that will work fine even without paying for it. If you are one of them, then I recommend you to download Psiphon and give it a try.

download psiphon

In this post, I will give you the guide on how you can get Psiphon on your device. Also included here are the benefits you can get once you used Psiphon. – Wages of Wins Team

Reminder: As of the writing, Psiphon 4 is not yet officially available in the market. If you can find third-party sites that offer this version, please make sure they are trusted sites before you download it on your device.

What is Psiphon

When we talk about VPNs, we maybe think of Express VPN, NordVPN, and Hotspot Shield. These are great VPNs and that fact is undeniable. However, they are very expensive that not all people can afford on getting them.

Don’t worry! I know you are looking for something which will not break your bank that’s why you are here. And it is time to introduce Psiphon.

Psiphon is an open-source VPN which run on cross-platform. It is completely free and can be used instantly once installed. You do not have to pay for any subscription fee nor avail a 7-day free trial to use it fully.

This VPN may not be the best but it will give you a satisfying service when accessing blocked sites. Even if you are in the middle of the desert, as long as you have an internet connection, Psiphon will be of great use.

That’s how great Psiphon is and I am not here to prove that to you. You will never know what am I saying unless you try it! So, let’s try to download Psiphon and judge it for yourself after using it.

Download Psiphon

I’m sure you already know how to download Psiphon if you are a fan of it. This VPN is available from the Google Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS).

But some of you might be having trouble downloading from these official sites. That’s the reason why we included this full guide. Without further ado, here’s the entire process.

For Windows/Mac

The process to download Psiphon 3 (PC version) for Windows and Mac devices are pretty much the same except for a few steps. Both of them will be using an emulator and we will use Bluestacks for this demo.

  1. Download Bluestacks from its official website.
  2. After downloading, proceed with the installation. Just double-click on the installer to start.
    • For Mac only: When the System Extension Blocked appeared on your screen, click the Open Security Preferences. Then, click Allow.
  3. Wait until it finishes. After that, launch the Bluestacks and sign-in with your Gmail account.
  4. Open the Google Play Store, search for Psiphon, and install it.
  5. Another option is to download psiphon APK then install it on Bluestacks.

For Android and iOS

  1. If you can’t download from google Play Store, just get the APK file of Psiphon. Click the link given above to download the file.
  2. Then, enable the Unknown Sources on your device.
  3. Afterward, click on the APK file to begin installing.
  4. Once done, you can see the icon of Psiphon on your screen which indicates the successful installation.

Benefits of Using Psiphon

  • Free unlimited personal use – no subscription, no hidden charges.
  • Download and install using the easiest method.
  • Browse all you want once Psiphon is installed. no matter where you are, no matter what time of the day, as long as there is internet connection you can use Psiphon.
  • Connect to another internet (as well as abroad) and have access to a faster internet connection.
  • Supports multiple languages perfect for non-English speakers.

Final Words

This post may somehow help you if you are looking for a free VPN. Why spend money and get those expensive VPNs if you have the choice of getting a free one.

At the end of the day, we all be looking for a good service. Psiphon will guarantee that to you.