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Day: October 22, 2020

Better Security With the Whatsapp Plus Service Plus General Settings

This article will give you the inside scoop on whatsapp plus general settings so that you can keep your friends and family safe from the threats they can be facing on mobile phones these days. You have probably heard about how this social network has grown in popularity over the years and that it is now one of the biggest networking sites online, but did you know that there are actually ways to keep it from growing into a nightmare.

What Is Whatsapp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus is a very popular unofficial application which simply replicates the popular instant messaging service – WhatsApp. The official app has so many unique features but a lot of people still prefer this application due to its simplicity and ability to send and receive multiple messages at once. Whatsapp Plus is only officially available for Android devices. An iOS version does not currently exist. You can download it straight from the Google Play Store but unfortunately this is not officially supported and this means you could end up getting in trouble with the authorities for downloading an illegal app.

Tips For Better Security – Whatsapp Plus General Settings

  1. The first thing that you need to know is that you will need to make changes to the security settings on your phone. If you have a good security system installed you will be able to see who is trying to send you messages and emails which will help stop them in their tracks. But if you have no protection or no system at all, then it is time to take action.
  2. There are several different things that you can do to increase the safety of your contacts by using the general settings. First of all, the option for “whatsapp groups” allows you to put names of people together in groups. If you don’t want to give out the names you can turn this off but if you want to give the people in the groups some privacy, then you should turn it on.
  3. The second type of security options that you can use is called “WhatsApp contacts”. You can find this in the main settings menu and this will allow you to give out certain names to different contacts. But you need to ensure that you don’t give out too many details as this will be seen by other users and this could potentially lead to them being harassed or threatened. It’s always best to play it safe when it comes to your contacts but this isn’t going to stop you from giving out the names that you think are necessary.
  4. You also need to make sure that you have turned the ability to send and receive SMS messages off in the “general options” section. This means that if someone messages you then you can simply choose to ignore them without having to go through all of the hoops that you need to go through when it comes to sending messages.
  5. If you want to send photos to people that aren’t your friends, then you can choose to add their photo as a part of their personal profile. If they have their email address then you can add their email address as well.
  6. You also need to look at adding them to your contact book as soon as possible as they are the people who will be reading your messages and answering your calls. So make sure that you add them as soon as possible to your contact list and get them registered with the right contacts.
  7. The last thing that you can do to improve your security is to ensure that you’re not sending your contacts any personal information in the first place. So before you go about making any changes to your profile or contacts, you should make sure that you’ve disabled sending out any sensitive data.
  8. Make sure that you don’t use your mobile phone to send any messages to any person who is not a member of your contact list and you should also never use your mobile phone to make calls from the Whatsapp service. Doing so will cause you to be banned from the service.

In Conclusion

The last thing that you should do is make sure that the general options are set up properly. You want to check to make sure that your name, your contacts, your profile and your contacts are all set up correctly so that other people will see who you are and where you live.

If you want to have better security for your contacts then you need to make sure that you don’t use your mobile phone to send your contact details over the net. The more you use the internet and your email account, the more chances that someone is going to be able to access your contacts as well.